R. C. & B. Group company organises and takes care of all types of national and international moving services. The job is entrusted to a dynamic, well-trained and professional team, composed of personnel with many years of experience in the moving business.
Our aim is  to offer a global service of assistance obtaining complete customer satisfaction. In order to continually improve the quality of our work we follow Quality Report guidelines, an inquiry survey that allows us to evaluate customer satisfaction on various aspects of the services rendered.
Our strength is our organizational skills, which allows us to offer complete service in every aspect. Thanks to consolidated and reliable know-how, we are able to execute all the technical, practical and bureaucratic aspects of your relocation in any part of the world and we are able to follow up your shipment status until delivery.(Delivery)
Our company is able to organise and manage small local shipments as well as complete removal nationwide. The services offered con be different and flexible such as:
    •    Complete Door to Door moving service, where in this case we guarantee a comprehensive service managed with reliability, transparency and courtesy. Client needs is our first and last interest and nothing will be left uncontrolled.
    •    Origin services with new packing material provided, request of police parking permit, transhipment with small vans if necessary, use of outside elevator and handling of heavy items such as pianos or safes
    •    Destination services with the same variety of solutions for our international clients or partners all over Italian territory

INTERNATIONAL MOVES International relocations are always a challenge that we take on with the maximum effort, applying all procedures available as needed to execute the best possible shipment of the clients’ goods. We carry out international European and non-European relocations via land, sea and air, with the maximum care given to the organisation and to the packaging of the goods.
    •    We take care of all the bureaucratic aspects and to the  necessary documentation required in international moves, according to import/export customs laws.
    •    We provide complete information on the filling out of inventory documentation as required for insurance purposes.
    •    Assistance by our qualified personnel from point of departure to point of arrival in your new residence, with complete service abroad as well.
    •    All our services apply to international moves, from our on-site price estimates to the repositioning of your personal artefacts, including interior set-up and disposal of packaging waste materials.
    •    The packing material we use is always brand-new, also in international shipments.
OFFICES MOVES We offer a moving service for private business firms as well as public offices, giving the absolute maximum attention to the company’s working needs and schedules.
    •    Consultation as to method and the planning of a time schedule for the move, we are able, as a convenience to our business clients, to offer the possibility of scheduling moves nocturnally and on holidays.
    •    Packaging service with suitable containers of varied dimensions, protective packaging materials and labelling of single packages.
    •    Furniture disassembly and reassembly.
    •    With specialised personnel, organised in teams, we move and set up in your new location:
    - working stations
    - managerial working stations
    - meeting rooms
    - files/records
    - steel-clad cabinets
    - strong rooms
    - computer working stations
    - labs