An household goods move service is made up of two parts. One is the standard level, with basic services always provided, the other one is the recommended/optional level with a number of services that are highly useful or even necessary to perform the move itself.

    •    Supply and use of brand-new and adequate packing material
    •    Disassembling and protection of furniture whenever necessary (some furniture is not dismantled in order to prevent future stability)
    •    Packing of household goods and personal effects with external box identification.
    •    Issuing of detailed packing list (for each shipment).
    •    Final check with transferee around the house.
    •    Loading and stowing all items into truck.
    •    Transport to the new residence.
    •    Unloading of all items with packing list checking
    •    Unpacking of furniture’s items
    •    Setting up and reassembling of furniture
    •    Pick up of packing debris before leaving.

Services given upon request or whenever necessary for the good result of service:

    •    Pre-move survey with volume estimate and logistical evaluation (for relevant volumes)
    •    Access check for loading / unloading places (when possible directly done or supported by local agents)
    •    Issuing a dedicated 'all risks' insurance with goods' value directly declared by owner
    •    Special double wrap packing with pluriball and / or customised wooden crates
    •    If needed use of external elevator with specialised operator
    •    Police parking permit if required with no-parking reserved zone
    •    Shuttle van service if needed.
    •    Storage service on proper warehouses
    •    Items' search and handling in/out.
    •    Movement of heavy items such as pianos and/or safes.
    •    Assembling of brand-new furniture.
    •    Re-assembling of IKEA furniture’s
    •    Handy-man service as post-move assistance
    •    Packing debris piking up after end of service
    •    Motorcycles and automobiles' removals

Services never included – NOT ALLOWED by Italian legislation:

    •    Transport of plant or animals alive
    •    Transport of dangerous or illegal substances
    •    Transport of valuables, jewellery or cash money
    •    Pure electricians’ and / or plumbers’ works.
    •    Carpenter works for furniture’s changes / modifications / adaptations.
    •    Pictures’ fixing on walls.
    •    Lamps / chandeliers connection
    •    Drilling holes on walls or ceiling